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TOTAL:  $4,000

" We first used Power Integration to set up our smart home system in 2016. They were so helpful at explaining it all that when we started thinking about solar, we knew we'd go with them again. Can't fault their knowledge and customer service. "

Things you need to know:

  1. Paying your deposit allows us to confirm your design and schedule you into our systems
  2. Your deposit is completely refundable up until the time we have ordered materials
  3. We reserve the right to alter installation pricing prior to commencement if the site does not represent what has been expected.
  4. We assume no electrical installation compliance issues or upgrades are required
  5. We assume the split system installation is back-to-back, or left/right hand mounted
  6. Additional charges may apply on the day including but not limited to;
    1. two storey surcharge of $100 per unit
    2. over 7kw surcharge $100 per unit
    3. up and over surcharge $350 per unit
    4. asbestos surcharge of $250 per unit/hole
  7. General Inclusions;
    1. install outdoor & indoor units back-to-back
    2. mount indoor unit as per manufacturer’s specifications
    3. run refrigeration pipes between indoor & outdoor units
    4. install interconnection cables
    5. install duct covering for protection of pipework and cabling
    6. install isolation switch for air con system
    7. mount and connect outdoor unit
    8. pressurise system
    9. test and commission
    10. install new circuit to switchboard [if required]
    11. install appropriate circuit protection [if required]
  8. Excludes any structural changes to trusses, walls and the like

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