Choosing the Right Air Conditioner

Choosing the Right Air Conditioning System

When it comes time to choose the right Air Conditioning system to suit your needs, it can be a little bit daunting. It is important to choose the right type of air conditioner and capacity to ensure the system operates efficiently, giving you comfort in summer and in winter.

Whether you want to cool an individual room, numerous rooms, or your entire home, there are options to suit everyone!


Split System Air Conditioners

Split systems are designed to heat and cool individual areas such as rooms like a bedroom or lounge room in your home. Split systems are one of the most economical system options as you are only purchasing and installing one system to your desired area. They are also one of the quickest units to get installed because they are relatively simple set up. Split systems have just one compressor located outside your home, connected to either a wall mounted or floor mounted unit inside your home in the target cooling and heating area.


Multi-split System Air Conditioners

Multi-split systems are designed for situations where you want to heat and cool 2-5 areas with the maximum amount of personal control over temperature and airflow. You have the choice of different head unit options to suit the target rooms including wall mounted, bulkhead, cassette, ducted or ceiling suspended. You can even mix and match head units if different rooms require different unit types. Multi-split systems suit homes that have minimal space outside to install numerous compressors servicing internal head units such as apartments or townhouses. These systems are also ideal in cases that you want to be able to heat and cool the entire home but do not have the sufficient roof space to cater a ducted system throughout.


Ducted System Air Conditioners

Ducted air conditioning is designed to allow a complete heating and cooling solution for your entire home. Ducted air conditioning has a subtle look and feel with only the supply vents, return grille and wall controller visible from within the house. Noise levels are minimal with components hidden away in the roof space. Ducted air conditioning is comprised of one indoor unit, one outdoor unit that utilises flexible ducting to distribute the cool, or warm air into the home through vents in each room. 

Customise your system to suit you- choose between a wide range of different supply air vents from circular to square, wall registers or linear bar grilles. Ducted air conditioning provides the ultimate control of heating and cooling zones in your house. You can have a system designed with remote and wifi control, and optional individual zone temperature sensors. Installation can be done during build stage liaising with your builder to ensure you can live in comfort right from move in day or our experienced staff can design a system to suit your existing home. 

We can help!

No matter your requirements, or the set up of your home we will be able to provide you with the appropriate solution. Contact us today to discuss your personalised heating and cooling solution and to receive a competitive quote.


If you know what system you need contact us for your competitive quote or book in your installation today using our shop section – choose your desired system, add any extras you want and book in a time that suits you.

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