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This depends on the type of system, the environment the system is installed in and how often the unit is used. As a general rule in a residential setting filters should be cleaned once every season, however in a commercial/ office-based environment once a month is recommended. Your system will also indicate if a filter clean is required and this should not be ignored.

Here at PI Air we recommend a professional service annually in a domestic setting and 6-monthly in a commercial/ office-based setting. Ongoing regular maintenance can improve energy efficiency, increase the longevity of the system and ensures the air that is coming through your system is clean and free of bacteria and mould that can build up within the system.

In Winter we recommend setting your system to around 21-23 Degrees and in Summer at 24-26 degrees to limit the energy consumption as much as possible.

You can rest easy; this is completely normal. When the cool air meets the hot humid air, it forms a water vapour.

A bad smell coming from the unit could be due to inadequate maintenance where bacteria and mould may have built up. Vermin may have gained access to the system and defecated or even have died within the system. If the smell continues give us a call and we will investigate.

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