Energex PeakSmart Program Brisbane

Energex Queensland Positive Energy Peak Demand Program

Energex have a Positive Payback Promotion. It was originally introduced so that people like you and I can help reduce the Peak Demand of Electricity. Basically Peak demand is the ‘rush hour’ usually between 4pm and 8pm where everyone is getting home from their days, and using appliances such as air-conditioners, cooking facilities, washing machines, dryers, and televisions and a lot of the time it is a mix of different appliances. All devices that are energy hungry.

A lot of households here in Queensland are largely technology based. We are using more and more electricity and this excessive demand has multiple effects such as impacts to efficiency, reliability and costs.

What is a Peak Smart?
It is a device that is installed by your air conditioning technician that helps to reduce the peak demand by lowering your air conditioner’s performance when the network is overloaded. The device receives a signal telling your unit to switch to a setting that functions similar to the economy setting. Most people don’t notice much of a different to how their system is cooling and continue on with their activities in comfort.

The device isn’t used frequently and may only occur twice a year and they are only used for short windows of time.

For participating in the Program and doing your part to help manage the peak demand you will be rewarded. For simply arranging an installation of a Peak Smart Device during a new airconditioning installation or even adding a Peak Smart device to your existing eligible unit during a service you will receive a cash back:
– For units greater than 4kW but less than 10kW receive $200 
– For units greater than 10kW receive $400 

For further information on the Positive Payback Promotion get in touch with one of our friendly staff or read more information directly on the Energex website here.

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