Panasonic 10.0kw Single Phase Under Ceiling Compact System


Panasonic 10.0kW Air Conditioner.

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The Panasonic 10.0kw Under Ceiling unit (S-100PT2E5B) provides comfort and long distance distribution of air flow. They are designed for large spaces including offices, retail stores, schools, colleges.

Panasonic 10.0kw Single Phase Under Ceiling Compact System Features:

  1. Compact Looking, Stylish, One-Motion Design – With its streamlines, one motion form, the unit looks thin and compact when installed for a neat appearance in any room. When not in operation, the louvre closes to provide an elegant look while also keeping the unit clean.
  2. Energy-Saving Technology Delivering Top-Class Efficiency – Optimisation of the shape of the casing and fan assures bigger air flow and higher efficiency. Energy-saving performance is top class in the industry.
  3. Comfortable, Long Distance Airflow Distribution – The shape of the outlet has been optimised to provide long-distance air flow distribution. Even in long rooms, air flow reaches every corner for exceptionally comfortable air conditioning.
  4. Self-Diagnosing Function – Should a malfunction occur, the unit diagnoses the problem and shows the corresponding alphanumeric code. This allows for quicker servicing.
  5. Automatic Restart Function – When multiple units are connected and there is a power outage, they will turn on at different times in order to not spike the power supply.
  6. Automatic Fan Operation
  7. Latest R32: Next Generation Refrigerant Used
  8. Constant Comfort Air Conditioning – Ability in ensure precise temperature control and offer a wider power output range to perform in even the most extreme conditions in Australia ensuring constant comfort.
  9. More efficient but space saving – The new models are smaller, enabling them to fit into tighter spaces, therefore you can install these units in a vast variety of areas.
  10. Quiet Mode – Reduces outdoor operating sounds by 2dB.
  11. Warranty – Rest easy knowing you are covered by a complete 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty.

For more information on this Panasonic 10.0kw single phase under ceiling air conditioning unit, visit the Panasonic website here.

For installation of this unit in Brisbane, request a quote or book online from our installation page here.

Size (kw)


Indoor Model Number-S-100PT2E5B
Outdoor Model Number-U-100PZ2R5
Cooling CapacitykW10.0 (3.0 - 11.5)
Cooling CapacityBTU/h34,100 (10,200 - 39,200)
Heating CapacitykW10.0 (3.0- 14.0)
Heating CapacityBTU/h34,100 (10,200 - 47,800)
EER: COP (Cooling: Heating)W/W3.64 : 4.24
Total Power Input (Cooling : Heating)kW2.75 : 2.36
Indoor Unit Specifications
Power SourcePhase/Hz1/50
Power SourceV230 | 240
Current (Cooling : Heating)A0.67 : 0.67 | 0.65 : 0.65
Indoor Dimensions H x W x Dmm235 x 1590 x 690
Indoor Net Weightkg40
Air Volume (Cooling : Heating)L/s500 : 500
Sound Pressure Level (H/M/L) (Cooling : Heating)dB(A)42/37/35 : 42/37/35
Sound Power Level (H/M/L) (Cooling : Heating)dB(A)60/55/53 : 60/55/53
Number of Fan Speeds-3
Drain Pipe SizemmVP-20
Outdoor Unit Specifications
Power SourcePhase/Hz1/50
Power SourceV230 | 240
Current (Cooling : Heating)A12.2 : 10.4 | 11.7 : 10.0
Dimensions H x W x Dmm996 x 980 x 370
Net Weightkg90
Air Volume (Cooling : Heating)L/s1285 : 1169
Sound Pressure Level (Silent Mode) (Cooling : Heating)dB(A)52(50) : 52(50)
Sound Power Level (Silent Mode) (Cooling : Heating)dB(A)68(68) : 67(65)
Piping Connections (Liquid/Gas)inchØ9.52 / Ø15.88
Pipe Length (min-max)m5 - 50
Elevation Difference (OU Located Lower, OU Located Higher)m15, 30
Maximum Chargeless Lengthm30
Refrigerant Type-R32
Refrigerant at shipping, additional gas amountg2600, 45(g/m)
Operation Ranges (Cooling : Heating)˚C-10 to 43 : -15 to 24


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