Panasonic 14.0kW 4-Way 3Phase Cassette Air Conditioner


Panasonic 4-Way ceiling Cassette Air Conditioner.

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Panasonic 14.0kW 4-Way 3Phase Cassette Air Conditioner S-140PU2E5B Features:

  • A compact, modern and flat panel design with a built in drain pump – the compact dimensions allow for an easy installation and a sleek, modern appearance Enhancing the unit’s appeal is the built in drain pump, allowing condensation to be expelled up to 850mm from the base of the unit.
  • Compact Outdoor Units- Panasonic’s air conditioning systems feature the most compact and unobtrusive outdoor units available within the market. With impressively small dimensions, the outdoor unit has been ingeniously designed allowing prodigiously power performance to be installed in even the tightest if spaces.
  • 360 Degree Wide and Comfortable Airflow – The Panasonic 4-Way Cassette features wide-angle outlets and louvres designed to distribute air from the centre, while air from the larger side flaps diffuses throughout the room. Air derives from all sides expanding gently in a circular motion from the indoor unit with up to 600L/s airflow (in the case of 14kw). These cassettes are suited perfectly for both large areas ad high ceiling installations.
  • Anti-Corrosion – All heat exchangers feature Blue Fin technology, which increases resistance to corrosion compared to non-blue fin models
  • Designed for Australia – Experience outstanding operating temperature range. Cooling is possible even at an outside temperature of 43°C and heating possible even at a freezing -15°C.
  • Built Tough to Last – Outdoor units are built to last in the harsh Australian environment. Internal components are built to withstand the damaging effects of salty air, dust, wind and rain.
  • Quiet Operation – Both indoor and outdoor units have been engineered to be as quiet as possible ensuring you get a peaceful nights sleep.
  • Rest assured with a full 5 year manufacturers warranty in both residential and commercial settings

*No controller included as different options available depending on personal requirements.

Have this ceiling cassette system installed in Brisbane. Visit our installation page here.

For more information on the Panasonic 4 way ceiling cassette, visit the Panasonic website.

Size (kw)


Indoor Model Number-S-140PU2E5B
Outdoor Model Number-U-140PZ2R8
Panel Model Number-Standard: CZ-KPU3 - EcoNavi: CZ-KPU3A
Cooling CapacitykW14.0 (3.3 - 15.0)
Cooling CapacityBTU/h47,800 (11,300 - 51,200)
Heating CapacitykW14.0 (3.4 - 16.0)
Heating CapacityBTU/h47,800 (11,600 - 54,600)
EER: COP (Cooling: Heating)W/W3.23 : 4.18
Total Power Input (Cooling : Heating)kW4.34 : 3.35
Indoor Unit Specifications
Power SourceV/Phase/Hz240/1/50
Current (Cooling : Heating)A0.91 : 0.90
Indoor Dimensions H x W x Dmm319 x 840 x 840
Panel Dimensions H x W x Dmm33.5 x 950 x 950
Indoor Net Weightkg25
Panel Net Weightkg5
Air Volume (Cooling : Heating)L/s633 : 633
Sound Pressure Level (H/M/L) (Cooling : Heating)dB(A)47/40/34 : 47/40/34
Sound Power Level (H/M/L) (Cooling : Heating)dB(A)62/55/49 : 62/55/49
Number of Fan Speeds-3 - 5 * dependant on control
Drain Pipe SizemmVP-25
Outdoor Unit Specifications
Power SourceV/Phase/Hz415/3/50
Current (Cooling : Heating)A6.25 : 4.80
Dimensions H x W x Dmm996 x 980 x 370
Net Weightkg94
Air Volume (Cooling : Heating)L/s1486 : 1386
Sound Pressure Level (Silent Mode) (Cooling : Heating)dB(A)56(54) : 56(54)
Sound Power Level (Silent Mode) (Cooling : Heating)dB(A)71(69) : 71(69)
Piping Connections (Liquid/Gas)inchØ9.52 / Ø15.88
Pipe Length (min-max)m5 - 50
Elevation Difference (OU Located Lower, OU Located Higher)m15, 30
Maximum Chargeless Lengthm30
Refrigerant Type-R32
Refrigerant at shipping, additional gas amountg2980, 45(g/m)
Operation Ranges (Cooling : Heating)˚C-10 to 43 : -15 to 24


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