Panasonic 5.2kW Multi-Split Outdoor Unit (CU-2Z52VBR)


Panasonic 5.2kW Multi Split Outdoor unit (CU-2Z52VBR) air conditioner.

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This Panasonic 5.2kW Multi-Split outdoor unit (CU-2Z52VBR) air conditioner can be paired with up to two indoor head units. Mix and match the head units to suit your individual needs and pick between wall mounted units, bulkhead units or cassette type units. All head units are connected to this one compact outdoor unit so that they can be controlled individually. This allows you the ultimate level of control over your heating and cooling comfort.



  • Latest Refrigerant. Unit contains the more Ozone friendly refrigerant R32. It plays a part in higher energy efficiency alone with helping to sustain the environment around us.
  • Quiet Operation. The outdoor unit is very quiet meaning that you don’t have to worry about the noise travelling into your home or bothering your neighbours.
  • Space saving. This multi-split unit is perfect for apartments and townhouses, or anyone that doesn’t want multiple outdoor units. One compact compressor can be connected to up to 2 head units.
  • Compact unit. The outdoor unit even being able to connect to multiple indoor units are compact and lightweight.
  • Independent Connection. Each indoor unit connects independently to the outdoor unit. This allows the ultimate control over heating and cooling in each area. As a result if one head unit does malfunction the other units can continue to function as normal.
  • Accommodates long pipe runs. This allows flexible arrangement and installation of indoor and outdoor units based on the room condition, location and installation convenience of your home.
  • Built for Aussie Temperatures. Outstanding operating temperature range which allows cooling even when its a scorching + 46°C outside. Similarly, the heating function is designed to operate even when it is a freezing -15°C. This ensures that no matter where you live in Australia you can be comfortable.
  • Built Tough. All Panasonic outdoor units are built to last in our harsh Australian Environment. The condenser finds are coated with a special blue coating (Blue fin technology) that protects the unit from the damaging effects of salty air, dust, wind and rain.
  • Warranty. You can rest easy with a 5 year manufacturers warranty.

For more information on the Panasonic 5.2kW Multi-Split outdoor unit (CU-2Z52VBR) air conditioner head to the Panasonic website here.

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Size (kw)


Model Number-CU-2Z52VBR
Power SourceV/Phase/Hz240/1/50
Maximum Connectable CapacitykW7.7
Maximum Connectable IndoorsUnits2
Cooling Specifications
Capacity (min-max)kW5.20 (1.50 - 6.00)
Running CurrentA5.9
Power Input (min-max)kW1.35 (0.24-1.62)
Sound Pressure Level (H)dB(A)51
Sound Power Level (H)dB66
Heating Operation
CapacitykW6.10 (1.10 - 7.20)
Running CurrentA6.2
Power Input (Min-Max)kW1.43 (0.21-1.90)
Sound Pressure Level (H)dB(A)53
Sound Power LeveldB68
General Specifications
Maximum CurrentA11.5
Starting CurrentA6.4
Compressor OutputW900
Dimensions (H x W x D)mm619 x 824(+70) x 299
Net Weightkg39
Power Supply-Outdoor
Pipe Length Range (1 Room)m3-20
Maximum Pipe Length (Total)m30
Refrigerant Pipe Diameter - Liquid Sidemmø 6.35
Refrigerant Pipe Diameter - Gas Sidemmø 9.52
Operating Range - CoolingDegree (°C)-10 ~ +46
Operating Range - HeatingDegree (°C)-15 ~ +24


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