Panasonic 6.0kW Standard Developer RZ Series Split System Air Conditioner


Panasonic 6.0kW wall mounted split system aircon.


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Panasonic 6.0kW Standard Developer RZ Series split system wall mounted air conditioner is packed with features.

The Panasonic 6.0kW split system air conditioner CS-RZ60VKR / CU-RZ60VKR features:

Energy Saving:

  • Inverter Control –  Varies the rotation speed of the compressor for higher energy savings
  • Eco Mode – More energy saving compared to the normal mode by automatically adjusting the set temperature by up to 2ºC. It’s ideal when you want to maintain room temperature for gentle cooling and heating


  • Quiet Mode – Enjoy the comfort of running your air conditioner at night and still have a relaxing sleep.
  • Personal Airflow Creation – Vertical and horizontal airflow patterns can be combined as desired to achieve optimum comfort, with operation possible by remote, even from a distance.
  • Fan Mode – Allows you to run the fan without any cooling or heating, thus giving just ventilation.
  • Auto Changeover (inverter) – In Auto Mode the unit will select if heating or cooling is required.
  • Powerful Mode – Pressing the Powerful button cools or heats the room quickly. It provides fast comfort, with full power and a strong airflow. This is perfect for use immediately after coming home, or when unexpected guests arrive.
  • Soft Dry Operation Mode – Starts with cooling to dehumidify, then provides continuous breeze at a low frequency to keep a room dry without much change to the temperature.
  • Hot Start Control – On the start of the heating cycle and after the defrost cycle, the indoor fan will start up once the indoor heat exchanger is warm.

Clean and Healthy Air:

  • Anti-Bacterial Filter – The anti-bacterial filter combines three effects in one: anti-allergen, anti-virus and antibacterial to provide clean air.
  • Odour Removing Function – With this function, there’s no unpleasant odour when the unit starts up. That’s because the fan remains off momentarily, while the source of the odour inside the air conditioner is suppressed. The unit must be in cool or dry mode and the fan speed must be set to automatic.
  • Removable Washable Panel – Gives you easy access to the filter as well making the unit easy to clean.


  • 24-Hour Dual on and Off Real Setting Timer – This feature enables you to preset two different sets of start/stop operation timer (hour and minute) within a 24-hour time frame.
  • 3rd Party Connectivity – Allows limited control from an external source when wired to do so.
  • Wired Remote Control (Optional) – For use in commercial applications, or where users don’t want a remote control.
  • Demand Response Enabling (DRED) – Allows Electrical Utility Companies to regulate the power supply to the units if connected.
  • LCD Wireless Remote Control – Easy control of the unit from anywhere in the room.
  • Wireless LAN Remote Control for Internet Connection (Optional) – Control air conditioners remotely by turning your mobile desire into a remote controller using internet connection. Adaptor CZ-TACG1 Sold Separately


  • Blue Fin Condenser – Extra protection from the elements with a longer lasting coil.
  • Long Piping – Long piping offers more flexible installation options. *20m – CS-Z20VKR, CS-Z25VKR, CS-Z35VKR *30m – CS-Z42VKR, CS-Z50VKR, CS-Z60VKR, CS-Z71VKR, CS-Z80VKR
  • Self-Diagnostic Function – Should a malfunction occur, the unit diagnoses the problem allowing for the user to take action.
  • Random Auto Restart – When multiple units are connected and there is a power outage, they will turn on at different times in order to not spike the power supply.
  • Top Panel Maintenance Access – Easy access for maintenance.

More information on Panasonic RZ series air conditioner is available at their website here.

If you would like this unit installed in Brisbane contact us here.

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Indoor Model Number-CS-RZ60VKRW
Outdoor Model Number-CU-RZ60VKR
Power SupplyV/Ph/Hz240/1/50
Cooling Capacity (min-max)kW6.0 (0.98-6.60)
Heating Capacity (min-max)kW6.50 (0.98-8.00)
Cooling Capacity (min-max)Btu/h20,500 (3340-22,500)
Heating Capacity (min-max)Btu/h22,200 (3340-27,300)
Indoor Air Flow in CoolingL/s352
Indoor Air Flow in HeatingL/s352
Running Current in CoolingA8.00
Running Current in HeatingA8.20
Power Input in Cooling (min-max)kW1.85 (0.28-2.20)
Power Input in HeatingkW1.89 (0.26-2.64)
Energy Rating in CoolingStars1.5
Energy Rating in HeatingStars2.0
Indoor Sound Pressure Level in Cooling (H/L/Q-Lo)dB(A)46/36/33
Indoor Sound Pressure Level in Heating (H/L/Q-Lo)dB(A)46/36/33
Outdoor Sound Pressure Level in Cooling (H/Q-Lo)dB(A)49/44
Outdoor Sound Pressure Level in Heating (H/Q-Lo)dB(A)51/46
Indoor Sound Power Level in Cooling (H/L/Q-Lo)dB62/52/49
Indoor Sound Power Level in Heating (H/L/Q-Lo)dB62/52/49
Outdoor Sound Power Level in Cooling (H/Q-Lo)dB64/59
Outdoor Sound Power Level in Heating (H/Q-Lo)dB66/61
Indoor Net Weightkg13
Outdoor Net Weightkg36
Indoor Dimensions (H x W x D)mm302 x 1102 x 244
Outdoor Dimensions (H x W x D)mm619 x 824 x 299
Liquid Pipe Sizemm(inch)ø 6.35 (1/4)
Gas Pipe Sizemm(inch)ø 12.70 (1/2)
Pipe Extension Length (Min-Max)m3-30
Maximum Elevation Lengthm15
Pipe Length for Additional Gasm10
Additional Gas Amountg/m15
Power Supply-Outdoor
Operating Range in Cooling°C-10 - + 46
Operating Range in Heating°C-15 - +24
Refrigerant Type-R32

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