Rinnai 5.1kW G Series Split System Air Conditioner


Rinnai 5.1kW G Series Split System Air Conditioner – Wifi Built In.


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The Rinnai G Series RINV51RC:

The new G series range of Rinnai Inverter split system air conditioners are a true testament to Rinnais passion for state of he art technology and design innovation.
Created by a dedicated team of engineers, this new generation in split system technology offers a level of in-home climate control that fits our increasingly wireless lifestyle. Sleek design and in-built wifi technology ensure that you can maintain a comfortable temperature in your home… wherever you are, before you even arrive home.

The third generation of Rinnai split systems, the G-Series exhibits even greater energy efficiency ratings demonstrating Rinnais ongoing quest for sustainable solutions. The stylish range is available in 4 sizes to suit any room or household – 2.5kW, 3.4kW, 5.1kW and 7.0kW – and are all backed with a 5-Year warranty.


Rinnai 5.1kW G Series Split System Air Conditioner Features to fit your lifestyle:

  • Design – The design of the indoor unit sets the Rinnai G-Series apart. A sleek, compact, modern profile, across the range, allows seamless integration into any home. Compact in size, it will suit various architectural styles without imposing or obtruding.
  • WiFi Control – All units feature pre-installed Wi-Fi Control as standard meaning no additional installation costs or hassles, its ready to go. Simply activate the Wi-Fi terminal using the remote control, download the app via Google Play or iTunes and you are in complete control of your room temperature via smart phone, tablet and other mobile technologies, even when you are not at home. In face, you remain in control from anywhere in the world. Basic functions like on/off, temperature up/down and fan speed can be accessed through the app. There is also added functionality such as a 7 day programmable timer, which allows you to set the unit to turn on or off on a 7 day program according to your usage preferences.
  • Demand Response Enabled Device – The new Rinnai G Series is equipped with demand response capability to help reduce overall power consumption at critical peak load times.
  • Quiet Operation – The unit is designed to keep noice levels to a minimum without effecting performance, thanks to a cleverly designed air tunnel optimised to deliver better air distribution. So you can relax and enjoy undisturbed peace and quiet without compromise.
  • 3D Airflow – The air blades can be controlled to swing both horizontally and vertically, allowing for maximum airflow to cool every corner of the room.
  • Multiple Fan Speeds – The unit has the ability to run on turbo mode to rapidly reach set temperatures within a shorter period of time, as well as the option of a ‘quiet’ mode once the room has reached set temperature.
  • Sleep Mode – Innovative ‘Sleep Mode’ designed to control the temperature overnight to ensure high quality, comfortable sleep. Traditional sleep mode temperature control is one way; however our intelligent sleep mode system operates on two-way temperature control that modulates up and down to mimic outside ambient temperatures. With increased awareness around energy efficiency, this sleep mode allows greater control of set temperature to increase comfort and reduce environmental impact.
  • Set Temperature Display – The indoor header unit features a translucent temperature display to projects through the front panel only when on. Designed with convenience and aesthetics in mind, the unit seamlessly integrates with its environment.
  • Timer – The remote control offers a delay ON or OFF timer allowing you to select a period of time (from 30 minutes to 24 hours) and the unit will turn either on or off depending on its current status.
  • LCD Wireless Remote Control – All G Series air conditioners are supplied with a wireless remote control that features simple and advanced operation.
  • Fresh Function – To keep the indoor unit free of excess moisture (particularly through summers with high relative humidity), the fresh function will run a 3-minute cleaning cycle every time the unit is turned off. This can help to extend the life of the unit whilst ensuring optimum performance.
  • Self-Cleaning Function – The clean function is an end of season cleaning process to dry the inside of the unit if it is not going to be used for extended periods of time. This helps to avoid any unwanted odours when using the product again between seasons. The cleaning function takes the hassle out of needing to clean the unit and also ensures that mould, bacteria and dust is minimal.

Performance to keep you comfortable

  • Inverter Technology – The Rinnai G Series split systems have been developed with inverter technology. Traditional air conditioners or “fixed speed” air conditioners aim to maintain the temperature by cycling the unit off and on. This off/on cycling can create fluctuations in temperature and is not very energy efficient. An inverter system will modulate the speed of the compressor up and down, maintaining a consistent temperature and keeping energy costs down.
  • Low Ambient Heating and High Ambient Cooling  – The Rinnai G Series will continue to perform with reliable operation even in extreme weather. Units can work in temperature as low as -12°C and as high as 47 °C , an essential feature for the harsh climate conditions across Australia
  • Long Distance Air Supply – The G Series will supply volumes of cool air with airflow distances reaching up to 15m, creating a comfortable environment wall to wall.
  • Self-Diagnosis Function – In the unlikely even that there is abnormal operation or parts failure, the system will switch off automatically, determine what is at fault and display an error code on the indoor unit. Ultimately this creates a quicker service and ensures you can get back to your perfect temperature sooner.
  • Intelligent Defrosting – In areas with low ambient temperatures where the outdoor unit may fall below freezing, the outdoor unit will run anti-frost mode and ensure high performance heating.
  • Components – The G-Series features high quality componentry and well thought out design. The outdoor unit is equipped with blue fin condenser technology to provide protection from exposure to elements such as salty air and rain, which helps to extend the lifecycle of the unit. The compressor is also fitted with one integrated PCB for the control system, creating higher levels of reliability.
    The indoor header has a sleek, bright finish that has been achieved through stringent quality control procedures and the use of high gloss injection moulding. Furthermore the G Series filter has been designed for easy access – which makes cleaning the filter a breeze.

To have this split system air conditioning system installed in Brisbane contact us here.

Size (kw)





Unit Model-RINV51RC
Cooling CapacitykW5.1 (1.9-5.7)
Heating CapacitykW5.5 (2.0-6.0)
Energy Rating in CoolingStars2
Energy Rating in HeatingStars2.5
Moisture RemovalLitres/h1.6
Indoor Sound Pressure Level (Turbo/Quiet)dB(A)46/34
Outdoor Sound Pressure Level (High/Low)dB(A)54/49
Outdoor Sound Power Level (High/Low)dB(A)62/57
Electrical Data
Power SupplyV-/HZ220-240/50
Running Current in CoolingA6.8 (2.0-9.8)
Running Current in HeatingA6.6 (3.2-10.2)
Power Input in CoolingW1500 (400-2200)
Power Input in HeatingW1450 (500-2300)
Refrigerating System
Refrigerant Type-R410A
Refrigerant Volumeg1350
Compressor Type-Variable Output
Liquid Pipe SizeInch1/4
Gas Pipe SizeInch1/2
Maximum Pipe Lengthm20
Maximum Height Differentm10
Pre-Charge Lengthm5
Indoor Unit Dimensions (W x D x H)mm970 x 235 x 315
Outdoor Unit Dimensions (W x D x H)mm802 x 298 x 535
Indoor Unit Net Weightkg14
Outdoor Unit Net Weightkg38
Operation Range Limitations°C-12 to 47

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