Repair or Replace your aircon?

As summer comes around, it’s the most important time to ensure your air conditioner is in prime working condition.

If it’s not working as well as it should, or faults are present, the decision to have a technician repair the air con unit or just to straight out replace the unit can be tricky.

Although there are a few signs that can help determine which option would be best, we always recommend having a discussion with one of our experienced staff fro our Brisbane office about your options and they can advise which would be the most beneficial.

Warning signs it’s time to replace!

  1. Unit is over 7-8 years old and isn’t working at all.
    When a unit gets to a certain age parts can become difficult to source but also can be quite expensive. Our staff can always find out if many parts do exist for your particular unit prior to coming to site. That way you can know ahead of time the part availability prior to spending any money.
  2. Unit is outside of warranty and you have already had multiple repairs.
    Chances are that if you have already required numerous repairs you have invested a lot of money in your system. Unfortunately, even though you have spent large amounts on repairs if the unit plays up again it is probably time to invest in a new system.

By investing in a new air con system, you can rest easy with 5 years manufacturer warranty. Also getting a new system can come with some other bonuses such us new technology available such as wi-fi and energy efficiency in newer units is better.

Signs that repairs are worth considering!

  1. Noises or Smells.
    If your system has an unusual odour it could mean mould and bacteria within the system. Luckily this is usually an easy fix to get your system back to normal. If the system is making noises outside of normal this could mean a part is loose or that internal components within the unit are clogged with dirt, this can also be an easy repair.
  2. System is running but not cooling.
    When a system is running and blowing air but isn’t cooling, this could indicate a refrigerant leak. This is worth having a technician investigate as it may just require minor repairs and a re-gas.

Whether you need repairs carried out, a complete replacement or even just some friendly expert advice our team are able to assist with anything you may require. So if your unit is not working the way it should get in touch today!


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