Summer Is Coming! Make Sure You’re Ready

Quick tips for the community to ensure their Air-conditioning is ready to work and if it’s not, how to get it ready before the hit hits.

What a year! It’s been a tough one, and with the Brisbane summer just around the corner, the last thing you need is to be caught without air conditioning!  

PI Air offers solutions from experts in their field, providing a team that is the best of the best for air conditioning installations, repairs, and more. 

Air conditioner installation should be left to the professionals, but there are some do-it-yourself possibilities for those who enjoy a hands-on approach to the maintenance of their air conditioning units.


PI Air values the well-being of our air conditioning customers. This means offering the best-of-the-best air conditioning products, along with the recommendation for the use of professionals for the installation of new air conditioners. However, we also know there are a number of DIY-lovers out there, and therefore we’ve compiled a list of tasks which can be done by the home-handymen!

When rolling up your sleeves make sure you prioritise your own safety and remember to TURN OFF THE POWER to your air conditioner. Not just the on/off button, but the circuit breaker.


Clean air conditioner filters at least twice a year. It’s easy to forget the nooks and crannies accumulating dust throughout the year, but this is exactly what happens to all appliances as they hibernate through winter.  

A build-up of dust in air conditioning filters means air flow is less powerful, thereby reducing the efficiency of your air conditioning unit, and prompting dust to circulate through the home. Not only does this mean your air conditioning system will be running less effectively, but is also a health concern for people with allergies. 

PI Air provides air conditioning installation and service in Brisbane, so don’t be shy, give us a call and we can help.


Air conditioner condenser coils are often located outside the house and can accumulate dust and debries when not used regularly. More than dust, these outdoor coils may have accrued dirt, leaves, and other garden-based matter.  

Making sure your fan and coils are clean will mean the most efficient air-flow for your unit, therefore investing in a soft brush vacuum attachment or a coil brush is ideal for cleaning, as they are soft and flexible enough to remove dirt without damaging fins and coils. 

PI Air is able to provide air conditioning installers in Brisbane. So don’t go it alone, we can get an aircon installer to you straight away. 


When the air conditioning compressor blades are clear and the coils are pristine, don’t forget the bottom of the condenser unit. Some air conditioning systems use drains which should be cleared of build-up whilst a cloth can be used to wipe any excess water developing in the base.

Remember, our electricians are fully qualified and licenced, ready to tackle any job, from new power points to switchboard upgrades, maintenance to complete air conditioning installation.


Pipes, wires, and tubing can all make up your air conditioning unit, and when it comes to air conditioner installation these electrical elements are really best left to the professionals. 

However, you can get ahead of the pack this summer by keeping an eye on these fixtures to make sure they are intact and without frayed edges. If you’re confident in your mending abilities, foam insulation tape can be purchased to fix frayed or missing edges as a short-term solution. 

The electricians of PI Air are masters in the field, so you can be guaranteed the utmost safety, security, and efficiency from your system.


Purchasing air conditioning from reputable dealers is paramount in ensuring the safety and quality of your product.  

Although you may be adept at maintenance, air conditioner installation is best left to qualified electricians to make certain there are no conflicts with existing wiring, as well as ensuring the most efficient and effective air conditioining system to keep you cool in the summer months. 

If you are in the Brisbane area and in need of an air conditioner, PI Air can help. As a leading electrical and technology group, who facilitates a variety of jobs from domestic tasks to larger construction endeavours, integrating our state-of-the-art technology across a variety of industries allows PI Air to form the perfect, solid team for each job, whilst maintaining an emphasis on community, collaboration, and sustainable solutions. 

Each electrician approved by PI Air is fully qualified, licensed, and trained to ensure your cooling system is up-to-date and safe; be it for domestic, commercial, or industrial use. 

Our centralised call service team is on hand to find the right electrician to install your cooling unit, ensure correct charges, flush drains, clean evaporator coils, filters, condensers, etc, and tighten any loose electrical connections.

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