Manufacturer Warranty

Air Conditioning Units – Five (5) years from date of purchase

Advantage Air Zone Control Equipment – Five (5) years from date of purchase

Flexible Ducting – Ten (10) years from date of purchase

Manufacturers’ warranties are on all hardware items and is not extended or changed by the company. If the hardware fails within the manufacturer’s warranty period, the item can be claimable, but the labour is not covered unless the manufacturer allows it to be.
If item is still under manufacturer’s warranty, but outside of labour warranty, then labour will be charged.

Labour Warranty

Installation/ Labour warranty for twelve (12) months including pipework. Warranty is for items deemed a defect of works completed by our technicians. Technician will be required to return to confirm item/ installation is in fact deemed defective. At this point client will be notified as to whether Labour is covered by Warranty. Installation materials will require testing to confirm the defect is not due to misuse or tampering or due to an external factor outside of Power Integrations Control. If a Warranty call is lodged and technician does attend site and deem said defect issue is not warranty related client may be charged call out and labour.

Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant/ Gas leaks are covered by warranty for a period of 12 months if leak is due to installation. If refrigerant/ Gas leaks are within the unit itself warranty falls with Manufacturer. A technician will be required to attend site to confirm that the refrigerant leak is due to an installation fault. If the leak is found to not be caused by Installation customer may be charged a call out fee at the discretion of Power Integration

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