What to consider when investing in a new air conditioner?

We are all different and hence have different heating and cooling requirements. When it comes to investing in a new air conditioning system the PI Team have come up with a list of some important considerations so that you can sure that you select a unit that covers all your needs.

1. Cost

Of course, budget is important in choosing a system. Whether you need a system to add value when selling a home or you need something cheaper to go in a rental property, we have you covered. PI Air have numerous systems available that come with different price ranges. To help ease the burden of having to pay upfront we have payment plans available to help you spread the costs over time.

2. Size/ Capacity of the Unit – Bigger is not always best.

This is probably the most important factor when purchasing a new air conditioner. An oversized unit will waste energy and an undersized unit will struggle causing strain to the unit and will wear out faster. Our staff are trained in helping you to determine the best size system for your area here is what we consider when selecting a size:

  • Size of the Area: Obviously the size of the room is a key factor and gives us a starting point. We use the m2 of the room to determine capacity.
  • Insulation: If your home has plenty of insulation within the roof and walls you will be able to get away with a lower capacity unit compared to a home with little to no insulation
  • Windows and Glass Doors: Glass acts as a magnifying glass to the suns heat. So, the size and amount of glass windows and doors plays another important factor. Areas with larger or more glass will require a higher capacity than those with minimal windows and door.

3. Location

Location is important in 2 contexts. The first being that a home located in the city and suburbs will require a higher capacity opposed to a home on the coast where there is more breeze. The 2nd Location consideration is the aspect of the room. An east or west facing room will require a lower capacity than a room that faces north.

4. Energy Efficiency

Whether you are extremely energy conscience or not, choosing an energy efficient unit is best. It may be a little more expensive initially to purchase in the long run your electricity bills will be lower. The best way to determine energy efficiency is by checking the star rating and even using the choice awards to compare units.


No matter what size, installation and budget you have we have the team to provide you with the best personalised solution and we are always eager to help! We can install any air conditioner in Brisbane and surrounding areas.

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