What To Know Before You Press Go! Get the inside knowledge before you install

Summer is here, and questions surrounding the best time to buy and install new air conditioners are at the forefront of people’s minds as the air turns warm and the humidity escalates. 

If you’re lucky enough to live in Brisbane, you’re used to the joys that summer can bring, but also privy to the skyrocketing temperatures, and need to ensure your home is as comfortable as possible. PI Air is the specialists in air conditioning and can point you in the right direction to ensure you have the most cost-effective and appropriate system for your home and business, keeping you and your family safe and comfortable over Christmas.


Winter has come and gone, so now is the time to start researching the variety of cooling options available. Keeping in mind that the first hint of heat signals crowds to start shopping, hunting for the perfect system ahead of time means you are more likely to be the beneficiary of bargain prices, offers, quotes and potential negotiations.


In the lead-up to the summer months, those who are looking to maintain their current air conditioners are out in force to find specialists to perform repairs and services, and if your system has reached the ten-year mark, it’s recommended that you start to plan for a full upgrade.  PI Air is based in Brisbane, and is able to provide licensed air conditioning specialists. So whether you’re looking to update your current system or install a new air conditioner, make sure to ask the experts in electrical services about ensuring you have the best, fastest, and most up-to-date services.


If there are blockages in your unit, airflow will be diminished and your system won’t be working at full capacity. Keeping the fans and condensers clear of debris and dust is an easy, do-it-yourself habit which will ensure your air conditioner is as efficient as possible.


Ducted air conditioning installation requires a professional; not just to fit the system, but also to carry out an inspection to ensure the layout of your home is safe and suitable for particular air conditioning units. The height of ceilings and strength of walls are all important factors to take into consideration when purchasing and installing cooling systems, and may require a change of space, not to mention design to a space. 

Cleaning the Filter


Whether you have purchased a brand new air conditioner, or are trying to best maintain a current unit, it is important to factor in the natural environment. Wild animals and small birds have been known to take shelter in ducts, whilst leaves and grass from backyards can clog the exhausts. Be sure to keep your garden well-pruned, and consider installing grilles to prevent animals making nests in your system. 


Evaporator coils should be wiped with bleach, helping to keep mould at bay and prevent clogs. Delicate coil brushes can be purchased to ensure more cumbersome grooves are cleaned without being damaged.


Dust accumulating in blower filters means your air conditioner will run less efficiently and can provoke allergies. Some filters can be cleaned a minimum of twice a year, whilst others are disposable.

LG Slim Ducted 6.8kw


Although stock may be limited in cooler months, it is also prime time for competitive deals on products and installation. If you’re looking to install a new air conditioner, specialists are likely to have more flexible timeframes, meaning you can have first dibs from your air conditioner supplier and select the most convenient time for its installation.


You can never be too prepared, and the first step is always research. Making a purchase from reputable suppliers such as www.pi-air.com.au ensures you will have the most effective and fuss-free experience, with the benefit of professional advice to ensure you have the right unit for your needs. 


For most people in Brisbane, the height of summer signals fun in the sun and trips to the beach. The last thing you want to be dealing with is malfunctioning air conditioners. PI Air can send the best air conditioning specialist to assess and solve any issues you may be having, however, prevention is always better than having a problem. By conducting thorough research through noted suppliers, websites, and forums, as well as double-checking warranties and services, you are more likely to get through the summers without a hitch!

If you’re looking into the sunshine and thinking ‘now is the time’, give the local experts a call. PI Air can undertake air conditioning repairs across Brisbane, with a wide range of air conditioning products and solutions. 

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